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We are happy to announce our new show:
TIM - Time Inside Myself

21 Sept. @ Mars, Mons arts de la Scène BE
27 Oct. @ CC Mouscon BE
27-28 Jan. @ CC Welkenraedt BE
10-11 Feb. @ Manège Liège BE
23 Feb. @ Fos-Sur-Mer FR
29 Mar. @ Trith-Saint-Léger FR

WORLD Champion of Magic

This July, Laurent Piron became the new FISM World Champion of Magic with his "Paper Ball" act.

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The Company Alogique was founded in 2018 by Laurent Piron, Hugo Van De Plas and Sylvia Delsupexhe.
For the past 7 years, they have been creating and writing various theatrical magic shows.

This young company wants to create contemporary, aesthetic and original magic shows intended for all audiences.

Magic experiences that amaze and engage the emotions of all.  

Alogique - Hugo Van De Plas (HD).jpg

Hugo Van De Plas


Director, actor, landscaping architect, stage designer, producer… Hugo Van De Plas has more than one string to his bow. 

His introduction to Laurent in 2011 helped him discover the art of magic and together they created 13 RUE DU HASARD in 2013. 

After the success of this first show, they continued working together and in 2018 the creation of BATTEMENT DE PEUR was complete.
The “magie nouvelle” language opened doors to a new contemporary way of performing magic and he loved all these new possibilities.

Alogique - Laurent Piron (HD).jpg

Laurent Piron


Alogique - Sylvia Delsupexhe 3 (HD).jpg

Sylvia Delsupexhe


Since 2005 Laurent has been performing a variety of different shows across the world.
From the streets of Sydney to European festivals, at America’s Got Talent or at the World Championships of Magic, Laurent’s award-winning shows have captivated audiences everywhere.

In 2015 he discovered the French artistic currentof “la magie nouvelle” and spent 8 weeks training under the supervision of Raphael Navarro at the French circus school “CNAC”. 

Excited to express himself in this new magical language, in 2016 he initiates the creation of BATTEMENT DE PEUR.

Elementary school teacher, graduate of plastic art school, Sylvia also has a passion for literature. 

In 2013, she dives into the world of magic and starts collaborating with Laurent and Hugo.

Over the course of several years while taking part in many festivals and meetings across Europe, her interest and skill in writing magic shows grows and develops. 

She also takes part in the « magie nouvelle » training at the CNAC.

In 2016, she joins the BATTEMENT DE PEUR team as a co-author and dramatist.

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