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Visual Act

Laurent Piron - Paper Ball 1 (HD).jpg

"Wonderful , Elegant , Touching...

For an audience, to really feel a piece of Magic… That is the ultimate goal. 
In our Art, it is very rare ! 
A true gift.

Laurent Piron and Hugo Van de Plas have achieved this dream...

Congratulations !"
David Copperfield

For booking, please contact:

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Act time: 8 min

2 people touring

Set-up timings:

Technicals: 15 min

Lighting: 15-30 min

Need one flybar in center stage

Created and directed by: 

Laurent Piron & Hugo Van De Plas

Dramaturgy: Sylvia Delsupexhe

Original song: Simon Fransquet
Lighting design: Jonas Libon

Inspirations: Etienne Saglio, Yann Frisch, Cie 14:20


With the help of Fédération Wallonie-BruxellesWallonie-Bruxelles International and Infini sprl.

And with the precious help of:

Angel Ramos Sanchez, Olivier Creppe, Boris Prager, Charline Dumestre, Michel Charpentier, Renan Frisée, Lucien Halleux, Lucas Andre, Ben Stassen, Fred Vanberg, Enzo Bianca, Philippe Bougard, Clement Kerstenne...

Meet Paper Ball !

A simple piece of paper that can be surprising, endearing, moving and mischievous ...

A unique magical character that brings us back to childhood.


In this original act, a new genre of magic is born that transports us into a surrealistic world.

A memorable performance that will be a great addition to your evening gala or cabaret.

prix PAPERBALL.jpg
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