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Magie nouvelle

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Whether you are a child or an adult, a man or a woman, we have all experienced fear.
Most of the time, we try to avoid it… But what if fear wasn’t scary anymore?

Laurent Piron will introduce you to Gaspard, an ordinary young man, forced to explore his fears: those that paralyse him, those that make him stronger and those that he has already conquered. Together, we will discover various aspects of this universal emotion.

In this story, where Gaspar’s imagination is the only constraint, you will experience magic in a brand new way. Instead of defying your reason, it will nourish your imagination and take you to another world.

This show will take you on an emotional journey in a world where anything is possible.

“Plays with the emotions of the audience and enchants with its magical images, which constantly astonish us. ”


“I have rarely experienced magic images that plays with emotions in such this way.”


60 minutes

All age from 8 years old

Actor: Laurent Piron
Director: Hugo Van de Plas
Writers: Laurent Piron, Sylvia Delsupexhe & Hugo Van De Plas
Writing and directing consultant: Anthony Foladore
Dramaturgy: Sylvia Delsupexhe
Magical effects: Laurent Piron & Le collectif 9 3/4
Original music: Grégoire Gerstmans
Lightning design: Renaud Minet
Video Design: Jos Claesen
Technicals: Olivier Creppe & Lucas André

In coproduction with:
the Centre Culturel of Welkenraedt, the Centre Culturel of Verviers and Infini SPRL.

With the help of:
the Centre Culturel of Engis, the Centre Culturel of Chênée, the Centre Culturel of Soumagne.


With the precious help of:
Georges Piron, Magali De Leeuw, Michel Charpentier, Dany Ernst, Sophie Ledent, Bubble FX, Guy Weickmans, Charles Piron, Ben Stassen, Marc Stassen, Daniel Neicken.


Royal Festival de SPA, BE - Théâtre du Rond Point, Paris, FR - FIMAG Festival, Torroella de Montgri, ESP - Salle du jeu de paume, Vizille, FR - CC Verviers, BE - CC Welkenraedt, BE - CC Soumagne, BE…


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